A convenient delivery function in our cafe will help free up your time from cooking and dedicate it to other pleasant things. We will deliver the finished food to the door of your home or office, you just have to enjoy high-quality and tasty food.
When ordering a main course, you can choose any item in the "Side dish" section absolutely free.

Main course

Cutlet a la Kiev

Tender chicken fillet, soaked in aromatic oil, covered with a crispy crust. The combination of sever... -->

59 AED

Beef a la Stroganoff

Juicy beef combined with a delicate sauce is a classic that can take the attention of a true connois... -->

59 AED

Fish Cutlets

Delicate, fresh-minced fish cutlet melting in the mouth, combined with any side dish, loads with pos... -->

53 AED

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon is a healthy and satisfying dish full of healthy substances, trace elements and vitam... -->

65 AED


Delicate steak, fried in accordance with your wishes - the best choice for a hearty dinner with frie... -->

99 AED

Chicken Chopped Cutlets

Delicious chopped chicken minced meat cutlets delicious and hearty lunch or dinner, the perfect solu... -->

53 AED

Beef Gouliash

The meat is cooked in a special way and becomes so tender that it melts in the mouth, and the thick,... -->

62 AED

Cutlets beef and chicken

The perfect combination of two types of minced meat makes the cutlets tender and juicy at the same t... -->

55 AED

Grilled Octopus

Delicate octopus meat, which has absorbed the smoky notes of the grill, will delight any gourmet, ri... -->

99 AED

Cabbage rolls

Juicy minced meat with vegetables and rice, wrapped in a cabbage leaf, will not leave indifferent di... -->

55 AED

Lamb chops

Cooked young juicy meat with the care of preserving all its properties will not leave anyone indiffe... -->

80 AED


It is impossible to think of a more balanced dish of rice and meat, tender pieces and rice, which ha... -->

49 AED


Manti is the signature culinary brand of Asian and Eastern countries. Manti deserve attention for th... -->

40 AED

Contains Nuts