A convenient delivery function in our cafe will help free up your time from cooking and dedicate it to other pleasant things. We will deliver the finished food to the door of your home or office, you just have to enjoy high-quality and tasty food.

Homemade pickles

Pickled cocubbers (1kg)

The pickles for the whole family are delicious and crunchy. Unimaginably delicious cucumbers retain ... -->

45 AED

Pickled cabbage (1kg)

The recipe for making sauerkraut keeps the traditions of your grandmothers - delicious and crispy, h... -->

35 AED

Pickled tomatoes (1kg)

Pickled tomatoes are prepared using a variety of products and spices, herbs, onions, carrots and pep... -->

45 AED

Adjika sauce (1kg)

One kind of this seasoning on the table creates a family atmosphere and causes acute bouts of appeti... -->

55 AED

Russian mustard (1kg)

Mustard is a popular Russian condiment. This seasoning is prepared with the addition of water, vineg... -->

65 AED

Contains Nuts