A convenient delivery function in our cafe will help free up your time from cooking and dedicate it to other pleasant things. We will deliver the finished food to the door of your home or office, you just have to enjoy high-quality and tasty food.


Russian Syrniki with blueberry sauce

Sweet curd cheese cakes, combining the usefulness of curd and unforgettable taste, complemented by a... -->

40 AED


A tough day behind you and a lot of work ahead? It's time to refresh yourself with a sandwich - it w... -->

27 AED

Omelette steam with vegetables

A hearty breakfast that will give a lot of strength to solve even the most difficult labor problems.... -->

27 AED

Omelette with lightly salted salmon

A hearty breakfast that will give you a lot of strength to solve even the most difficult work tasks.... -->

32 AED

Crepes with sour cream

Crepes for breakfast may seem ordinary, but in combination with sour cream, they will create the nec... -->

10 AED

Crepes with condensed milk

A wonderful choice for those with a sweet tooth - a classic breakfast that will energize the whole d... -->

15 AED

Crepes with jam

Another sweet and nutritious breakfast. Berry flavor will accompany you all day, giving a smile and ... -->

15 AED

Crepes with cottage cheese

The classic combination of pancakes with cottage cheese stuffing will remind the taste of childhood ... -->

27 AED

Crepes with meat

Delicate meat surrounded by a thin pancake will decorate your breakfast and give strength for a succ... -->

27 AED

Contains Nuts