A convenient delivery function in our cafe will help free up your time from cooking and dedicate it to other pleasant things. We will deliver the finished food to the door of your home or office, you just have to enjoy high-quality and tasty food.


Crepes with salmon

Delicate salmon fillet surrounded by a thin pancake will decorate your breakfast and give strength f... -->

27 AED

Croissant/sandwich with salmon / Shrimps

Is there a hard day behind you and a lot of work ahead? It's time to eat sandwich with salmon - it w... -->

27 AED

Croissant/sandwich with turkey ham

A turkey ham sandwich looks great with a cucumber, tomato and salad leaves. Branded sauce will give ... -->

27 AED

Croissant/sandwich Beef Stroganoff

Juicy beef between two crispy croissant pieces will not leave indifferent, striking with rich taste ... -->

27 AED

Croissant/sandwich with Omelette

Omelette for breakfast may seem ordinary, but in combination with vegetables, sauce and a croissant,... -->

20 AED

Omelette (poached / veggies / turkey ham / bacon / salmon)

A hearty breakfast that will give a lot of strength to solve even the most difficult labor problems.... -->

27 AED

Eggs Benedict with salted salmon

The bright taste of this duet will not leave anyone indifferent. Salmon favorably shades the egg, gi... -->

38 AED

Eggs Benedict with smoked bacon

Even the most experienced connoisseur will remember the aristocratic notes of this dish for a long t... -->

38 AED

Granola (yogurt, cereals, berries and berry jam)

A great start to the day for those who watch their figure. When choosing muesli for breakfast, you c... -->

22 AED

Contains Nuts