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Greek Salad

Bright and appetizing salad, reminiscent of summer and travel. Classic Mediterranean cuisine - fresh crunchy vegetables combined with soft cheese.

40 AED

Caesar chicken

A classic chicken breast salad is a great option for a relaxing family dinner and a first date. When you first meet with Caesar, feel free to stop at this option.

50 AED

Caesar shrimps

This is an option for seafood lovers and for a variety of taste sensations. The combination of opposite textures and tastes is what this salad is famous for.

50 AED

Caesar salmon

The soft and delicate taste of salmon dilutes tomatoes brightly, and the neutral taste of lettuce leaves emphasizes the cheese flavor. Choosing Caesar with salmon, you take a step towards refinement.

52 AED

Salad from chef

Do you want originality and vivid emotions? Greens, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts - these ingredients will not let you be bored. Salad from the chef - for the extreme enjoyment of taste.

35 AED


Hearty traditional Russian salad for a festive feast of meat and boiled vegetables seasoned with the most delicate sauce.

40 AED

Hot Beef Salad

Eggplants have their own unique flavor, and when combined with juicy beef, they create the perfect balance. A hearty and tasty dish will decorate any meal.

45 AED

Octopus Salad

Delicate octopus meat, combined with vegetables, is rich in healthy microelements that the body needs for a great mood all day

60 AED


The bright specific taste of the salad will not leave anyone indifferent, an unexpected combination of boiled vegetables, sauerkraut and beans will give a new unforgettable taste.

35 AED

Shuba salad

Shuba salad is one of the most common flaky salads in Russian cuisine. Hostesses often prepare shuba salad for a festive table, including for the New Year.

44 AED

Contains Nuts


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